Yoga Therapy,Cultural & Spiritual Tour to India-August 2014


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yoga is a science of the mind; an ancient system of exercise that includes thousand of physical and mental exercises designed to strength and balances the body. Regvedanthe the nervure system, and concentrate the mind. Yoga integrates body and so that you can experience: inner peace.Yoga is not a religion. It is a technology and a discipline similar to martial arts. You can be of any faith of none, and still gain the healing benefits of yoga.Yoga is a superb stress – management technology and means of achieving personal excellence. Today yogic is widely used for many purposes. International competitive swimming teams use yogic breathing techniques to effective fill their lungs with Oxygen before they swim. Popular singers and actors use yogic techniques to enhance their physical performance and to combat the fatigue of exhaustive work schedules.

Yoga was originally developed as a way to enhance self knowledge. The practice of yoga integrates body and mind in order to achieve and maintain a higher consciousness. The word yoga, like the English word “York” has the same origin in the Sanskrit word yogic, which means to link together. Yoga employees a number of very powerful tools such as physical practice various body postures, breathing techniques, mental concentration and meditation. One of the fundamental aspects of yoga is that you yourself should be able to control your life…